A new raceworld may involve more weeding than whizzing for Ninki, Twist and Kit.


Vegetable Valley Alley is the first episode to air of Kerwhizz.


Quiz Edit

Presenter Question Correct Answer Correct Teams
Nattajack Same Costume Blue Team Ninki
Other side of picture Red Team Kit
Burping Hurbert Missing Number Green Team Twist, Team Kit
King Pong Find in Flowerpots Red Team Twist (Snout)
Kat Kool Same instrument Yellow Team Twist, Team Kit

Team Kit won the quiz with 3 correct answers and therefore got first choice of Pod Mod. Team Twist came second with 2, but they won the mystery mod. Team Ninki came last with only one answer correct.

Race Edit

Team Kit start off in the lead, followed by Team Twist. They both pass through Pumpkin Parade and enter Fruit Falls. Team Ninki pauses in Pumpkin Parade whilst Pip uses their pod mod, a packet of seeds, which then begin to sprout. 

Both Teams Twist and Kit struggle to control their pods whilst driving throguh Pong's Patch, allowing for Team Ninki to take the lead as they go through Radish Road and finish lap 1.

End of lap 1 rankings: #1 Team Ninki, #2 Team Twist, #3 Team Kit

All 3 teams are then stopped at Pumpkin Parade at the start of lap 2, as Team Ninki's seeds had formed a wall of beansprouts. Team Ninki swerve through, whilst Team Twist and Team Kit both use their pod mods. 

Team Kit catches up to Team Ninki in Corn Cob Corners, who then crashes into the corn. Pip warms himself up and turns the corn into popcorn to allow them to get out. Meanwhile, Team Twist are still digging to get past the weeds, reaching the surface but not passing the weeds. They end up using the hole that Team Kit had cut previously, and finding a shortcut within Fruit Falls. To try and increase their lead, Team Twist use their pod mod, which ends up slowing them down. Thankfully, one of the sprout's leaves flies off and obscures Team Kit's views, leading it to be neck and neck between Team Ninki and Team Twist.

In the end Snout holds the sprout in front of their pod, meaning that Team Twist won the race.

Final rankings: #1 Team Twist, #2 Team Ninki, DNF Team Kit


Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time that Team Kit won a quiz
  • This is the first time Team Twist won a mystery mod
  • This is the first time that Team Twist won a race