Vegetable Valley Alley is the first episode to air of Kerwhizz.

Vegetable Valley Alley





First Air Date

3rd November 2008

Ninki's Mod

Packet of Seeds

Twist's Mod


Kit's Mod

Gleaming Garden Snippers

Mystery Mod

Giant Sprout (Taken by Twist)

Quiz Winner


Race Winner



Quiz Edit

Presenter Question Correct Answer Who got it right
Nattajack Same Costume Blue Ninki and Pip
Nattajack Other side of picture Red Kit and Kaboodle
Burping Hurbert Missing Number Green Twist and Snout, Kit and Kaboodle
King Pong Find in Flowerpots Red Twist and Snout
Kat Kool Same instrument Yellow Twist and Snout, Kit and Kaboodle

Team Kit and Kaboodle won the quiz and therefore got first choice of podmod. Twist and Snout came second, however by winning King Pong's round they won the mystery mod. Ninki and Pip came last with only one answer correct.

Race Edit

The race consists of: Pumpkin Parade; Fruit Falls; Corn Cob Corner; Pong's Patch; and Radish Road. There is also a shortcut. The teams must complete 2 laps.

At the start of the race, Kit and Kaboodle are in the lead, whilst Ninki and Pip are in last place, as they have stopped to use their podmod (A Packet of Seeds). As they drive off, the seeds start to sprout.

As they go into Pong's Patch, both team Kit and Twist struggle, as team Ninki pass them both, afterwards, Ninki is in the lead.

At the end of lap 1, Ninki and Pip are still in first, followed by Twist and Snout and finally Kit and Kaboodle, however they are stopped where Ninki's seeds have sprouted to be giant beanstalks.

Whilst Ninki and Pip swerve through the weeds, Twist uses his podmod (The spade) to dig underneath. Kit wanted to follow them, however due to Kaboodle's fear of the dark they end up using their podmod (The snippers) to cut through the weeds. They end up going through the weeds faster than Twist, catching up to Ninki who then crashes into corn, which they get out of by turning it into popcorn.

Meanwhile, Twist was still digging to try and get past the weeds, however they did not come out at the other side as they planned. Although at this point they are last, they find the shortcut (within Fruit Falls) and go in front. They use their mystery mod (the giant sprout), but it starts to slow them down. Thankfully, some of the leaves fly off and obscure the Team Kit's views.

In the end, Twist and Snout came first (by Snout holding the sprout infront of their pod)

Ninki and Pip came second and Kit and Kaboodle came third.


Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time that Team Kit won a quiz
  • This is the first time Team Twist won a mystery mod
  • This is the first time that Team Twist won a race

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