I haven't been working on this wiki very much lately. This is because I have been busy doing my GCSES (Exams you take in England when you're 15-16) However, I have been thinking of ideas to improve the content that is on the wiki.

  • Firstly, I hope to finish the episode pages. The episodes of season 2 have not yet been given pages, so this will be my main piority. If and when Cbeebies airs Kerwhizz again I will strive to watch all the episodes to be able to write the plots.
  • Secondly, I will continue to edit the character pages to include infoboxes. This is a task that I've already started, and I have sucessfully made Kit's Page to include an info box. Over the next month, I will try and make all the character's pages have an infobox.

These are my only 2 goals right now, however to those who have been contributing to this wikia lately: thanks for contributing! Each edit is very much appreciated.