Voiced by

Alex Velleman (UK), Matt Hill (US)

Eye Colour


Hair Colour



June 18, 2002

Twist is one of the racers in Kerwhizz, teaming up with Snout.

Twist can be seen to be often confident, however he sometimes relies on Snout. He can also be a bit stubborn, occasionally causing rivalry between him and fellow racer Kit.

Signature features Edit


Twist with teammate Snout

In Kerwhizz, Twist can easily be reconised by his icon, which is a spiral. Blue is his signature color. He also has a catchphrase - "Style!" - which he often exclaims.

At the start of the show, him and Snout are the second team to be revealed, when they sing their tune (bold is Snout, italic is both):"I'm Twist; I'm Snout. We're cool, we're neat. With skill and sprouts we're the team to beat!"

Trivia Edit

  • It is revealed by Snout that Twist does not have a middle name.
  • Twist's birthday is December 1st; this is the day when the episode The Daring Dino Dash, during which it was his birthday, first aired.
  • In Hungarian, his name is "Pörge". His name is still Twist in Polish, the only character to have the same name as in English.

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