The teams whizz in a fantastically freezing raceworld, though not before they answer Kerwhizzitor's questions and win Pod Mods.


The Slip and Slide Snow Ride is the second episode of Kerwhizz.

Plot Edit

Quiz Edit

Presenter Question Correct Answer Who got it right
Nattajack How many fingers Red All
Match Snowtoad Green Team Ninki
King Pong Find in Doors Blue Team Ninki
Kat Kool Animal with wrong sound Yellow Team Ninki
Burping Hurbert Which is missing Yellow Team Kit

With 3 answers correct, Team Ninki got first choice of Pod Mod - they also got the mystery mod by getting King Pong's question correct. Team Kit came second, with 2 answers correct, and finally Team Twist with only one answer.

Race Edit

Team Twist start off in the lead, followed by Team Kit, who soon overtake them. They pass through Snow Stretch and reach Glacier Gully, where Team Kit miss the jump and crash into the snow. Teams Ninki and Twist both overtake them as they use their pod mod to climb back up to the track.

Team Ninki uses their pod mod to try and pass Team Twist, who in turn start spinning, which causes them to lose control and crash into the Snow Drift Rift. Team Kit, who have just caught up assume that the tunnel is a shortcut, crashing into Team Twist and getting them both free. Meanwhile, Team Ninki take their time on the Don't Sink Rink, drawing an image of Ninki.

End of lap 1 rankings: #1 Team Ninki, #2 Team Kit, #3 Team Twist

The Kerwhizzitor uses a snow globe to cause a blizzard as the 3 teams enter Snow Stretch for the second time. They all pass over Glacier Gully successfully, but Team Ninki crashes in Snow Drift Rift.

Team Twist use their pod mod to increase their visibility in the snow, allowing them to overtake Team Kit. Team Ninki, stuck in the drift, suffer from engine failure due to the cold. They use their mystery mod, which warms their engine back up.
At the same time Team Kit are struggling to see in the snow, and Kaboodle tries to zap them away to no avail. Instead, the snowflakes stick to their pod, forming a snowball with them in the centre. The snowball rolls along the track growing bigger until they overtake Team Twist and win the race.

Team Ninki managed to get to the Don't Sink Rink, where they realise that they cannot deactivate the bobble hat. Pip draws a picture of himself on the rink.

Final rankings: #1 Team Kit, #2 Team Twist, DNF Team Ninki

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time Team Ninki won a quiz
  • This is the first time Team Ninki won the mystery mod
  • This is the first time Team Kit won a race