The Slip and Slide Snow Ride is the second episode of Kerwhizz.

The Slip and Slide Snow Ride





First Air Date

10th November 2008

Ninki's Mod

Supersonic Skis

Twist's Mod

Expander Specs

Kit's Mod

Crampon Claws

Mystery Mod

Bobble Hat (Taken by Ninki)

Quiz Winner


Race Winner


Plot Edit

Quiz Edit

Presenter Question Correct Answer Who got it right
Nattajack How many fingers Red All
Nattajack Match Snowtoad Green Ninki and Pip
King Pong Find in Doors Blue Ninki and Pip
Kat Kool Animal with wrong sound Yellow Ninki and Pip
Burping Hurbert Which is missing Yellow Kit and Kaboodle

With 3 answers correct, Team Ninki got first choice of podmod - they also got the mystery mod by getting King Pong's question correct. Team Kit came second, with 2 answers correct, and finally Team Twist with only one answer.

Race Edit

The race consists of: Snow Stretch; Glacier Gully; Snow Drift Rift; Don't Sink Rink; and the Final Snowy Stretch. The teams must complete 2 laps.

At the start of the race Team Twist is in front, however they are soon taken over by Kit, ending up in last place (behind Ninki).

When Team Kit reach the Glacier Gully, they miss the jump and end up crashing into the snow below the track. Team Twist end up overtaking them, with team Ninki using their podmod (the Skis) to go faster. Team Twist start spinning to stay ahead of Ninki, however they end up losing control and crashing into the Rift.


Team Kit then decide to use their podmod (The Claws) to get unstuck. They mistakenly believe that the tunnel where Twist crashed was a shortcut, going into it. Ninki, now being far ahead, uses her time to create a portrait of herself on the Don't Sink Rink.

Team Kit then crash into team Twist, thankfully getting them out the other side, on the Don't Sink Rink.

At the end of lap 1, Team Ninki are in the lead, followed by team Kit and finally team Twist.

As they head across the Glacier Gully on the second lap, the Kerwhizzitor shakes a snow globe, causing snow to fall down on the race. This causes team Ninki to crash into the drift (to the side of where Twist and Kit went through). Meanwhile, Twist uses their podmod (the Specs) to increase visibility, but they aren't very big, until they expand. This allows them to overtake team Kit. They go through their tunnel whilst Ninki realises that her engine is frozen. They use their mystery mod, which whilst originally seems useless helps by warming the engine (and Pip) up.


Meanwhile team Kit are still struggling with the snow, and Kaboodle tries to zap them away. However, this attracts the snowflakes to the pod making them into a snowball. The ball slowly gets bigger as they reach the

final straight, overtaking Twist and winning the race. At the same time, team Ninki are back on the rink, where Pip creates a portrait of himself.

In the end, team Kit came first, with Twist coming second. Team Ninki came last.


Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time Team Ninki won a quiz
  • This is the first time Team Ninki won the mystery mod
  • This is the first time Team Kit won a race

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