The Deserted Desert Dash is the final episode of Kerwhizz.

Plot Edit

Quiz Edit

Presenter Question Correct Answer Correct Teams
Nattajack Find whole image Red All
What tree is different Green All
King Pong Find throughout the oasis Yellow All
Burping Hurbert What fruit is missing Blue All
Kat Kool The next line of song Green All

In this episode all teams scored equally, therefore they chose pod mods cooperatively. Kit and Kaboodle took the nose, Twist and Snout took the ears and Ninki and Pip took the eyes.

Race Edit

The teams have to find 3 clues throughout the desert to find the finish, without there being a set track. After looking for a while they find an exposed piece of track that looks like the finish, however they discover turns it was

a mirage (where they saw something that wasn't there). They henceforth activate their pod mods simultaneously and go different directions.

The first team to spot something is team Ninki, who came across an oasis, where they get lifted up into the air by a giant Nattajack, who gives them a clue. Team Twist's mod catches the sound of Kat Kool within a rock, with Snout causing a landslide, before Kat Kool gives them a clue. Team Kit find a castle owned by King Pong, who gives them the final clue.

They then gather together and activate the mystery mod, which turned out to be a lamp containing a Burper-genie (Burping Hurbert), who they then ask to join the clues together to create the Kerwhizz logo. The logo then flies away to reveal the real finish. As with the quiz, they all win.