Snout with teammate Twist


Snout's nephews, Rocko and Ricko

Twist´s sidekick Snout has one passion, his prize collection of sprouts…he loves to cuddle them and whenever he sees a new one he whizzes off in hot pursuit.

–- Studio100 Introduction

Snout is one of the racers of Kerwhizz, he is part of the team Twist and Snout.

He is the only one out of the "secondary" racers to wear a headset. Snout's biggest personality trait is his love of sprouts, which is commonly expressed throughout the TV show.

Signature features Edit

Snout shares his icon of a blue spiral with Twist, as well as the catchphrase - "Style!"

Trivia Edit

  • In Daredevil Dreamway it is revealed that Snout's dream world is a maze, obviously made out of sprouts.
  • Snout has an allergy to pollen and pepper, he sneezes whenever he breathes either thing in.
  • Snout is afraid of heights.
  • He is decently good at pool/snooker as shown in Crazy Racy Golf.
  • Snout is an uncle, he has 2 nephews: Rocko and Ricko. They are introduced in the episode Planet Snout, where the teams race in Snout's homeland. From this we are also able to assume that Snout has either a brother or a sister. He also has a grandma, who lends him a recipe book in The Speedy Greedy Bake Race.