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Pip as a clone of Ninki

Pip is one of the racers of Kerwhizz, where he works alongside Ninki. While normally unable to speak human words, he has been known to be able to speak in Ninki's voice in multiple episodes (Once becoming a clone of Ninki, and another when they swap voices).

He wears a T-shirt with his icon on it (see "Signature Features"). Occasionally he will glow red when he heats up. He often becomes agitated by Ninki's antics, mostly when she ignores his (correct) answers. He also reveals, during the times when he can speak, that he doesn't want to be ignored and enjoys speaking almost as much as Ninki.

Pip with teammate Ninki

Signature features Edit

Pip shares Ninki's yellow theme and logo of a star.

Him and Ninki are the first pair to be introduced when the teams come out at the start of each episode, where Ninki sings their tune: "I'm Ninki, I thinky that I'm the best; with my hot pooch Pip, we'll beat the rest!".

Trivia Edit

  • In Hungarian, his name is "Flipper". In Polish, he is called "Gwiazdek".

Ninki and Pip's winning pose

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