Team Ninki's mystery mod, an egg, hatching a burpasaur in Castle Kingdom.


A Colour-me-Wonderful paint set, which Ninki proclaims to be "The Best Mystery Mod Ever" (From The Super Ace Rainbow Race)

The Mystery Mod is a special type of pod mod that can be won during King Pong's round. The team who wins this round are able to decide whether they want to keep it or not, but they are not allowed to know what it is before they use it in the race. It can either be useful or detrimental to the team's chance of winning, for example with Team Kit:

  • In Bowling Alley Rally, they won the mystery mod (Skittle Stopper) but didn't keep it, at the end they got into a situation which would've helped them win;
  • In Wild West World they won the mystery mod (Cowboy Hat), which when they used it, covered their vision and ended with them going off the course.