Voiced by

Telka Donyai (UK), Anna Cummer (US)

Eye Colour


Hair Colour



September 17, 2001

Kit (born: 17 September 2001) is one of the racers in Kerwhizz, where she teams up with Kaboodle.

Her biggest personality trait is intelligence (which is shown in some episodes more than others) and she enjoys reading books. However she can also be called competitive and compassionate, which is often shown with Kaboodle confiding with her. This however can not be always said, and she sometimes argues with Twist.

Signature features Edit


Kit with teammate Kaboodle

In the show, Kit's icon is a lightning bolt. While lightning bolts are often percieved as yellow, her's is pink, which is her signature color.

When the Kerwhizzitor introduces the teams, they are the last to appear; singing (bold is Kaboodle, italic is both): "I'm brainy; I'm zainy - we're Kit and Kaboodle! I'll electrify you, I'll use my noodle!"

Trivia Edit

  • Kit is shown to be right handed.
  • Kit had, at one point, a red book that helped her with the quiz questions; Ninki stole it in The Slip and Slide Snow Ride
  • In Hungarian, her name is "Delej", and in Polish, her name is "Alfa"

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