The Kerwhizzitor

The young live master who loves entertaining the kerwhizzkids in the audience (at home and in the studio) by putting funny voices, dressing up in silly costumes and bursting into song at the drop of a hubcap as well as teasing the teams.

–- Studio100 Introduction

The Kerwhizzitor is the host of Kerwhizz, as well as the only live action character. He is played by Jacob Scipio.

Kerwhizzitor has brown eyes and black hair and a ponytail onto his top. His job in the show is to be the quizmaster before overseeing the teams' actions in the race. He often makes puns relating to the raceworld.

His outfit has the Kerwhizz logo as well as each of the individual team icons embroided onto his top.

Trivia Edit


Ron Quiz, who replaces the Kerwhizzitor in the Hebrew version

  • In The Play Place Race the Kerwhizzitor takes off his boots, revealing that he has smelly feet. Snout describes the smell as "Soggy Sprouts"
  • In the Hebrew version of Kerwhizz, the Kerwhizzitor is replaced by a host named Ron Quiz (played by Ron Chidon).