Kerwhizz Online Game Trailer

Kerwhizz Online Game Trailer

Game Trailer

For the TV Show, see Kerwhizz.
For the Kerwhizz Magazine, see Kerwhizz (Magazine).

The Kerwhizz Game was an online game which was located on the Cbeebies' website.

Plot Edit

The game is similar to the TV show, with the player having to answer questions before choosing a pod mod and racing. They are able to choose which team they play as.

Controls Edit

The quiz questions are answered by clicking the answer with a mouse. There are 2 speed modes that can be chosen. In the race, the left and right arrow keys are used to steer and the space bar is used to activate the pod mod, which then will have to recharge before being usable again.

Removal Edit

In late 2017 BBC removed the Kerwhizz game from the Cbeebies' website in order to focus more on mobile devices.

Link Edit

The game was previously hosted here.

Other Games Edit


Kerwhizz's version of Connect 4 (in Welsh)

There was also a Connect 4 variation based off Kerwhizz. The player could either play against the Kerwhizzitor (AI), or against a friend. It was hosted here.