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Kerwhizz is a British television show which airs on Cbeebies (run by the BBC). It was animated by Blue Zoo Animation.

Kerwhizz is made up of 41 episodes and 2 seasons, the first season being composed of 26 episodes and the second with the remaining 15. The first season originally ran between November 3rd, 2008 and May 11th, 2009. The second season ran between March 7th and March 25th of 2011.

Characters Edit

Kerwhizz is hosted by the Kerwhizzitor, who oversees the activities of the 3 teams:

Stylization of an episode Edit

The episode starts off with the Kerwhizzitor introducing the teams, with Ninki's team followed by Twist's team. Kit's team is the final team to be introduced before starting the race.

The quiz consists of 5 questions, where the first two are hosted by Nattajack (a toad), and the last is hosted by Kat Kool (a cat). The two rounds between Nattajack and Kat Kool are hosted by Burping Hurbert (the burpasaur, who "eats the questions and burps out the answers") and King Pong (a skunk, who is occasionally replaced by his relatives). The scores are kept, however no score is recorded for the King Pong round.

After the quiz, the teams get to choose their pod mods. They either get first, second or last choice depending on what place they came in the quiz. There is also a mystery mod - this is won during the King Pong round of the quiz (hence why a score isn't taken) - the team in question can either accept or deny the mod.

They then build their pods and go up into the raceworld. Hints are given throughout the quiz portion of the episode, but the teams don't find out where they're racing before the race. There are 2 laps consisting of various areas. Occasionally, the race world will be altered (in a way such as the weather, speed of obstacles, ect) for the second race.

Lawsuit Edit

In 2011 the BBC was sued by cartoonist Michael Mitchell related to Kerwhizz.

He claimed that the characters were based on designs for a show he proposed titled "The Bounce Bunch". In December 2011, it was finalized that the Kerwhizz characters did not infringe his copyright.

Trivia Edit

  • Kerwhizz was one of the first shows on Cbeebies to be produced entirely in HD

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