Voiced by

Yasmin Garrad (UK), Andrea Libman (US)

Type of animal


Eye Colour


Fur Colour


Kaboodle is one of the racers in Kerwhizz, where she is partnered with Kit.

Kaboodle's physical form consists of a spring leg.She also has antennae, which she can use to create electrical current when she jumps around.

Signature features Edit


Kaboodle with teammate Kit

Kit and Kaboodle's icon is a lightning bolt, and their signature color is pink.

They are the last team to appear at the start of the episodes, singing (bold is Kaboodle, italic is both): "I'm brainy; I'm zainy - we're Kit and Kaboodle! I'll electrify you, I'll use my noodle!"

Trivia Edit

  • In Spooky Speedway, it is revealed that Kaboodle has a pet spider named Cynthia.
  • She is one of two characters to be afraid of the dark, the other being Ninki.
  • In Hungarian, her name is "Szőrmóka". In Polish, her name is "Omega".

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