Hat-Trick Highway is the sixth episode of Kerwhizz.

Plot Edit

The raceworld contains 3 magical top hats. Before the race begins, the Kerwhizzitor warns the teams to not enter the hat at the same time.

During the race, they forget this advice and go in together. At first, the teams are just jumbled (Kaboodle goes with Ninki, Pip goes with Twist and Snout goes with Kit), however when they go into one of the hats all together again the situation becomes worse. Ninki, Twist and Kit are all in Team Twist's mod, and Kaboodle, Pip and Snout are in another. (One of the pods is driving itself) Because they are in Twist's pod, they are able to use the mystery pod (the Correcter) and go back to their own pods.

When they are back in their own pods, Ninki and Pip activate their pod mod (The Future Ball) to see into the future. While Ninki believes the Future Ball will show her what her victory pose would look like it instead shows their pod in green jelly covered in ice cream. Because of this, she loses control of the mod and goes into the jelly. As they start to become free, Kit uses her mod (The Wonder Wand) to cover them in jelly: "You can't have jelly without ice cream!"Near the end of the race, Kit begins to use her mod again, which she then starts to play with. This leads to her pod, which was almost at the finish line, to be transformed into various objects, starting with a whoopie cushion as well as a banana, a carrot, a cupcake and a sprout (To which Snout is attracted to).