Here is some data relating to the Kerwhizz teams: (Note: This page contains spoilers!)

Wins Edit

Season 1 Season 2 Overall
T. Ninki 10 6 16
T. Twist 9 6 15
T. Kit 10 5 15
Total 29 17 46
  • In series 1, there were 26 episodes. In one episode (Egypt World) both Ninki & Kit won. In another (Daredevil Dreamway) all 3 teams won, bringing the total number of wins for the series up to 29.
  • In series 2, there were 15 episodes. On the final episode (The Deserted Desert Dash), all 3 teams won, bringing the total number of series up to 17.
  • In total there were 41 episodes and 46 wins.

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