Teams must choose their Mods carefully to avoid a castle catastrophe in another crazy raceworld.



Ninki's Mystery Mod hatching a burpasaur.

Castle Kingdom is the third episode of Kerwhizz.

Plot Edit

Quiz Edit

Presenter Question Correct Answer Correct Teams
Nattajack Which is the same shield? Blue

Team Ninki, Team Twist

Who's the tallest Nattajack? Yellow Team Twist
Burping Hurbert Missing object Yellow Team Twist
King Pong Find in drawbridge Red Team Ninki (Pip)
Kat Kool Loudest meow Yellow Team Twist, Team Kit

Team Twist won the quiz with 4 correct answers and therefore had first choice of pod mod. Team Ninki got 2 answers correct & also won the mystery mod. Team Kit came last with only a single answer correct, since Kaboodle was upset.

Race Edit

Nattajack opens the drawbridge at the start of lap 1. Before they get to the Field of Shields, Team Kit are in the lead, followed by Team Twist and Team Ninki.

Teams Ninki and Twist both make it through the Field of Shields easily, but Team Kit hit a shield and get flung backwards. Snout speeds up his and Twist's pod since he smells Snouts at The Knight's Table, and they both stop to enjoy them. By the time Ninki passes them, they've already eaten the whole lot. None of the teams use their pod mods in lap 1.

End of lap 1 rankings: #1 Team Ninki, #2 Team Kit, #3 Team Twist

Team Ninki decide to use their lance to get through the Field of Shields quickly. This moves the shields in a way that traps Team Kit in, allowing for them to get ahead. Unfortunately, they fall into a dip at the Knight's Table. Team Twist pass Team Kit whilst Kit debates on how to get out of the shields. Team Ninki decides to use their mystery mod, a burpasaur egg, to get out of the dip. Ninki is scared of the burpasaur until it burps and gets them unstuck.

Team Twist uses their pod mod to throw themselves forward but they crash, closing the drawbridge and splashing into the moat. Team Kit decide to use their sword to try and pass shields, which is unsuccessful until Kaboodle regains her spark and electrifies the sword. They begin to catch up with Team Ninki, with the sword spashing open the drawbridge, but Team Ninki wins due to their lance being ahead of their pod.

Final rankings: #1 Team Ninki, #2 Team Kit, DNF Team Twist

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time Team Twist won a quiz
  • This is the first time Team Ninki won a race