Bowling Alley Rally is the ninth episode of Kerwhizz.

Plot Edit

This episode is set during "Be nice to everyone" day

Quiz Edit

Presenter Question Correct Answer Who got it right
Nattajack What shoes match? Blue Ninki and Pip
Nattajack Missing puzzle piece Blue Ninki and Pip
Burping Hurbert Missing bowling pin Red Twist and Snout
King Pong Hiding in bowling balls Green Kit and Kaboodle
Kat Kool Match the tune Yellow All teams
Kerwhizz Bowling Alley Rally Scene

Kerwhizz Bowling Alley Rally Scene

Kit and Kaboodle refused the mystery mod because of it being "Be nice to everyone day". Ninki and Pip, coming first, chose the Lucky Bowling Arm Charm for their pod mod. Twist and Snout came second, and took the speakers, leaving team Kit with the Quicker-Sticker Sticky Stuff (Glue)

Race Edit

The raceworld contains 4 sections: "Twisty Turny Tunnels", "Skittle Forest", "King Pong's Shoe Room", and "Bowling Alley Alley".

Noone wants to start at the beginning as they're being nice, however team Twist end up leaving the rest behind, before helping Ninki through the Tunnels. Team Kit is the first one to enter the Skittle Forest and then King Pong's Shoe Rooms, where they admire the shoes. Unfortunately, these shoes come alive and chase them into the Bowling Alley Alley, where all three teams are being chased by bowling balls.

Ninki uses her pod mod to get rid of the pins so the teams can get past (and avoid the bowling balls), however the Kerwhizzitor tells them that it was not, infact, "Be nice to everyone day." At this point, the teams stop helping eachother. Ninki loses herself and Pip in the tunnels again, but noone helps them. Twist is stuck in the shoe room until he and Snout use the speakers to make them dance in rhythm, inadvertently helping team Kit.

Team Kit are then chased by bowling balls in the alley again, which stops the balls, but then Kit loses concentration and becomes one of the bowling pins, allowing Twist a clear way to the finish.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time a mystery mod has been refused