They must be wide awake: there's no time for snoring when there's scoring to be done.


Bedroom Zoom is the fourth episode of Kerwhizz.

Plot Edit

Quiz Edit

Presenter Question Correct Answer Correct Teams
Nattajack What's Nattajack taking to the beach? Yellow (Stripey Beach Ball) Team Twist
What's the other piece of the picture? Blue (Superhero Bear) Team Ninki
Burping Hurbert Which number is missing? Green (#9) Team Ninki, Team Kit
King Pong Find that Skunk: in Moons Yellow Team Twist (Snout)
Kat Kool Match the sound of Kat Kool's snoring Green Team Ninki, Team Twist

Team Ninki won the quiz with 3 correct answers and therefore had first choice of pod mod. Team Twist only got 2 answers correct, but they won the mystery mod. Team Kit were disadvantaged this round as Kaboodle couldn't stay awake, so they only got 1 answer correct.

Race Edit

At the start of the race, Team Twist is in the lead, followed by Team Ninki and then Team Kit. They reach Mobile Junction, where they all manage to swerve through the obstacles. Team Twist reach the Under Bed, where they pause to decide whether they will go underneath or not. They use the mystery mod, waking up Burping Herbert, who scares them into speeding away. As they drive along Sweet Dream Street, Kaboodle is still falling asleep.

End of lap 1 rankings: #1 Team Ninki, #2 Team Twist, #3 Team Kit

In lap 2 Mobile Junction spins faster, meaning the teams struggle to find a way through. Team Ninki get stuck, whilst Team Twist use their pod mod to wish for the junction to stop. This allows them and Team Kit to get through without any issue. Whilst Teams Twist and Kit decide to not go underneath the bed, Team Ninki uses their pod mod to light the way through, allowing them to overtake on the final stretch.

As they all go along Sweet Dream Street for the final time, they are lulled to sleep, with Kit being the only one still awake. Before she falls asleep she activates their pod mod, which drives them through the finish.

Final rankings: #1 Team Kit, DNF Team Twist, DNF Team Ninki

Trivia Edit

  • Team Kit later used Teddy Bear Tim as their buddy in Goldfish Gulp.